As previously mentioned during the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Aphrodite features a great number of properties


Because a girl regarding Ouranos, Aphrodite are a highly powerful goddess, especially just like the – in her terms and conditions – “love may bring probably the gods on the knees”. Percy after recognized that Aphrodite’s powers frightened your more Ares.

  • Amokinesis: As Deity away from Love, Lust, and you will Sexuality, Aphrodite bbw dating apps Australia has divine power and you will pure control over the ideas related love and you may desire. This woman is able to arouse love and you may passions in others, entrancing people mortal or jesus she desires.. The only understood deities who’ve at the least limited immunity system so you can that it certainly are the three Virgin Goddesses.
  • Charmspeak: Aphrodite’s sound features a mesmerizing impression, capable of influencing the newest feelings off someone else in order to lay her or him in her thrall. The woman charmspeak is much more powerful than just that of her pupils.
  • Personification out of Appeal: Aphrodite is the personification of the many attention and pleasure. This lady has divine power and you may pure power over need of the possible, actual urges, psychological you desire, jealous attract, and you will fulfillment of your own attract. During the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, she provided Pandora amazing appeal.
  • Omnipotent Charm: Aphrodite changes her looks being the quintessential directly glamorous or intimately attractive human body with respect to the individual she about presence out-of.
  • Biokinesis: Aphrodite can be manipulate the body in order to and/otherwise enhance their beauty otherwise cause them to unappealing and you will unwanted. Into the Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, she supplied Pandora irresistible charm. The girl claiming enhances the beauty of this lady already gorgeous demigod children and you can takes away their actual imperfecions, instance zits. As revealed when you look at the Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Aphrodite is capable of turning others ugly. She cursed the ladies from Lemnos with a great stench therefore terrible that none of one’s men you will stand to end up being in this fifty ft of them.
  • Infallible Visual Acuity: Aphrodite owned a level of microscopic-attention. Throughout the Titan’s Curse she was able to find faults for the her cosmetics that Percy couldn’t.
  • Bush Sales: Aphrodite is capable of turning individuals with the things linked to flowers. In Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, she turned the fresh new corpse away from Adonis towards blood-red roses and you can anemones.
  • Pyrokinesis: As observed in Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Aphrodite is also make pink explosions, which can be destructive sufficient to immediately blast the fresh threshold from their palace in order to rubble.
  • Virtuakinesis: While the present in Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, Aphrodite can cause optical illusions. She authored multiple illusions of individuals in need to attempt to distract Mind.


However, the most significant of all was this lady girdle, which in fact had the ability to bring one woman just who dressed in they attractive into the opposite gender, also it is actually also known as a smooth sash stitched which have views from courtship, romance, and beautiful somebody performing breathtaking things.

Aphrodite’s sacred fruit ’s the apple (most likely down to Paris’ reasoning toward Apple of Discord). The woman sacred plant life are definitely the daffodil, this new myrtle, this new flower, additionally the anemone (aforementioned one or two got blossomed regarding blood of the girl beloved Adonis). One of the woman sacred flowers ’s the lettuce. The woman sacred gem is the pearl, as it originated the sea just like she did. Their sacred animals certainly are the dove, the fresh sparrow, new swan, this new dolphin additionally the hare. More icons is the echo additionally the scallop layer.


Aphrodite has several dedicated attendants, also Eros (the woman kid and male equal), Hymenaios (the latest god of marriage ceremonies), Ganymede (new goodness of homosexual like and you will interest), the three Charites (just who serve as her handmaidens), therefore the Erotes – tiny winged like gods.


Venus are Aphrodite’s Roman element. This lady has youngsters otherwise descendants on Camp Jupiter close San francisco bay area, as well as Michael Kahale. The brand new Greeks anticipated Aphrodite just like the a passionate and you can sensuous being. The latest Romans regarded Venus as divine ancestress of the culture, since mommy away from Aeneas, whom sailed in order to Italy after the slide away from Troy and whose descendants Romulus and you may Remus in reality dependent Rome. It needs to be noted for this reason you to definitely Venus attained value as a goddess of politics and you will winnings by the Romans, features epithets eg Venus Victrix and you may Venus Genetrix from inside the their roles away from Venus, deity out of winnings, and you may Venus, mom of Rome, respectively.

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