Having a love life can be a little intimidating

Love tends to consume you and make you want to grow on a deeper, more intimate level with a person

  • Acknowledge the feelings for your crush and seek help to move forward with your life if needed.

If you feel like someone is head over heels for you and you are not ready for a relationship, you may find yourself pushing them away. If you have experienced a broken heart, it may be difficult learning to trust again. The chances of having a love life now or later will require you to confront your feelings and learn a new way to communicate

Having a crush on someone can be a normal part of life. A simple crush or admiration for someone is not unhealthy. However, you don’t have to have a crush to feel like you are responding normally to others. Having a crush on someone can help you learn to identify your thoughts and feelings toward others and can help you develop effective ways of communicating with others. If you really like someone but are unsure of how to talk to them, or if you feel anxiety about the crush, you may find that talking to a relationship expert can help you learn ways to acknowledge what you feel and find healthy ways to approach what action, if any, you want to take moving forward.

While crushes can lead to deeper feelings of love, there is a difference in the two. A crush is usually a short-term feeling of admiration for or infatuation with someone else. If the depth of your thoughts about a person is no deeper than liking the way they look or their outgoing personality, you may have a crush on them. On the other hand, love is a powerful emotion that can break through even the strongest emotional barriers. If you are easily distracted from the object of your affection, it’s probably a crush. However, if you find that you want to spend as much as possible with them and feel more complete when you are with them, you may be in love.

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Although some people mistake limerence for a strong crush, they are not the same. Crushes may occur when you meet someone that seems friendly or approachable or who appears to fit the mold of what you think a perfect partner would be. They usually occur during a period when you have little information about the person and are often short-lived. Limerence, on the other hand is a strong obsession with someone that is rooted in an intense romantic infatuation. While not all cases of limerence involve feelings of sexual attraction, some people may feel that.

It can be extremely difficult to stop liking someone, especially a person you have strong romantic feelings for. Maybe you were dating this person, and it turned out that you wanted very different things. Or perhaps the person you’ve fallen head over heels for is already in a committed relationship.

Love tends to consume you and make you want to grow on a deeper, more intimate level with a person

  • Avoiding physical contact with this person as much as possible
  • Committing to stop calling and/or texting them
  • Unfollowing/blocking them on all social media platforms– while this may seem excessive, not seeing them pop up constantly on your screen is for your own sanity.
  • Working to adopt a more balanced view of the person you can’t be with instead of focusing solely on their positive qualities
  • Journaling to process intense feelings as they emerge
  • Directing time and energy into other areas of life, such as picking up a new hobby (think about a skill you’ve always wanted to learn, like speaking a new language!)

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