Taurus is ruled by Venus (Love) and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (Karma) and Uranus (Rebellion)

To outsiders, he may appear aloof, but the Aquarius man with a placement in Venus is a dedicated lover when he finds his true soul mate

Their desire to be close on an emotional level makes them vulnerable. The Scorpio can show the Aquarius how emotions are important and how looking beyond the surface is all the time efficient. Venus will be transiting in Aquarius for nearly a month. You are a combination of old fashioned even anachronistic dependability and enigma. Your love is akin to. Aquarius Venus is open-minded and has an eye towards the future. Artistic Skill: Sculpting. Venus and Scorpio in Love This is the best time to declare your love for a Scorpio, or if you are the Scorpio who has fallen for someone. Originally posted by alexlincoln73 This is the Taurus-Scorpio polarity pair of opposites, https://besthookupwebsites.org/hornet-review/ that have similarities, like craving security, both physical and emotional.

But Venus in Scorpio astrology is keen on making the difference. When Aquarius and Scorpio get together for a love match, it likely starts as friends or friends with benefits, which is exciting and intriguing for both. So, you should show passion and willingness to do something unique. Venus in this sign for the ascendant of Scorpio will be especially bad. For some zodiac signs, the conjunction is bringing positive changes, while for others, unfavourable events are predicted. Venus in Scorpio ?? in the Natal Chart Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Red. The Scorpio parent and Aquarius child can work together, but it will not be easy at first. You are a sensitive companion who enjoys amusing, comforting, and inspiring your partner. For those who have their Lagnam (Ascendant) or Rasi in Aries, Leo, Capricorn, and Aquarius, Venus transit is good.

Both of you are generally positive in matters of the heart, so optimism is likely the general theme when you are together. Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility – 3 years. Airy Aquarius, while also quite logical, prefers not to dwell on things. A Venus in Scorpio in the natal chart placement gives the native an attraction for the obscure and the hidden. Scorpio the scorned lover. In addition, it can be extremely sensual. Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius Your Venus is in a Water sign and your Mars is in an Air sign. But Aquarius can be an emotionally detached sign, which could put a confusing spin on . Venus in Aquarius is the most extraordinary and brightest thing you’ve ever seen.

He might become involved with prostitution. My opinion is influenced by my mother who was a double Aquarius with Mars in Scorpio. The aggressive Mars and luxury-focused Venus will pair up in Aquarius on ! Aquarius is a revolutionary sign and it encourages us to step outside of our comfort zone. Because Aquarius is the sign of friendship, it seems like its energy would work quite well with that of loving Venus. Venus Scorpio with Venus in Taurus. This planetary transit occurs from . Scorpio desires intensity, but Aquarius is distant. The Aquarius Man Personality. For those who have their Lagnam (Ascendant) or Rasi in Aries, Leo, Capricorn, and Aquarius, Venus transit is good. Scorpio the sex machine. They know the importance of keeping secrets – both their own and other people’s – betrayal and disloyalty being the two things they find hardest ever to forgive.

They don’t follow the mainstream in love

Venus in Aquarius Material Values Venus will give excellent results for Aquarius ascendant provided Mercury does not have an adverse influence. The effect of novelty is important, so you always want to shake things up in a romantic relationship. Uranus is about all things strange and unusual. This is the Taurus-Scorpio polarity pair of opposites, that have similarities, like craving security, both physical and emotional. This is to say that he would sooner notice a witty remark or a passion for art or literature, rather than the perky derriere. Scorpios are intense, deep and probing. Sun in Aquarius and Venus in Aries As a 12andus’ registered user, you can learn about your particular Sun and Venus combination in the Birth Chart’s Readings box of the Reports page.

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